Document Camera “black screen”


  • Document camera software (Arcsoft) doesn’t show picture. Shows black screen
  • Document camera image shows up on projector just fine


  1. Enable Windows 7 Aero themes by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting a transparent theme (like the standard Windows 7 theme)
  2. If that doesn’t fix the issue, Click on Start menu.
    1. Type the following text into the Start Search box:Aero
    2. Click on a search result listing under Control Panel group that named as the following:Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects
    3. An “Aero – Troubleshoot computer problems” wizard dialog will appear. Click on Next button.
    4. The troubleshooting wizard will try to detect any problem by running a series of checks against various components required to make Aero works and running, such as video memory, DesktopWindows Manager (DWM) service, color depth, theme, power settings and etc. At the end of the analysis, the wizard will attempt to fix the issues related to Aero service and restart the Aero feature.