Status Lights

Most printers at BCS have similar status lights


  1. Toner Light
    Off – Toner is ok
    On – Toner is almost empty
    Blinking – Toner is not installed properly
  2. Attention Light
    Off – Printer is ok
    On – Paper Jam, Door Open, No paper in tray
  3. Ready Light
  4. Go Light
  5. Go Button
  6. Cancel Button

Networked Printers

We have a number of printers available on the network for those staff members that switch classrooms, offices, or use the conference rooms.

Installing a Network Printer

If you have privileges to install a network printer, here are two ways to install a printer in your location.

Installing in your building

  1. Click on the Start Button, and then select Computer
  2. In the address bar, type in \\wireless-print and then press Enter (Make sure you are using back slashes and NOT forward slashes, otherwise this will not work!!):wireless
  3. You should now see a list of printers available labeled by building and room number.
  4. Double-click the printer you would like to install. If you have privileges to use that printer, the printer will install and it will then be available for you to print. That’s it! Now you can begin printing to that printer wirelessly from your laptop.

Printer Specific Troubleshooting

HP CP1525nw (color printer)

Color Cartridge Alignment

If your printer is printing out a blurry or fuzzy image, the toner cartridges might be misaligned. This sometimes happens when toner is replaced or when cartridges are very low on toner. To fix the problem:

  1. On the printer, go to Menu -> Reports -> Print Quality and press OK to print a quality report
  2. Now go to Menu -> Reports -> Supplies Status and press OK to print a status page
  3. These two reports should align the printer cartridges