Reporting Absences

  1. Go to the corporation website to access Skyward Employee Access
  2. Login to Skyward Employee Access using your username and password.
  3. Be sure that you are in the Employee Access section by clicking the arrow beside the Home button.  (If you don’t see this, you only have access to the Employee Access section)
  4. Click the Time Off tab and select My Requests
  5. Here you will see all time off requests and the status of any requests awaiting approval (professional development).  Click the Add button to enter a new absence.
  6. You will see a screen with all of your current time-off balances.  This is also where you will enter a new request.
    1. Select the Time Off Code and Reason for your absence.
    2. Please enter a description if you have one (this is especially important for Prof. Dev. and Worker’s Comp. days).
    3. Select the date or date range of absences.  If it is a single date, enter Full day (1.0000) or half day (0.5000).
    4. Start time should remain at 7:45 for full day absences and half day AM absences.  Start time should be set to 11:30 AM for half-day PM absences.
    5. For teachers, paras, secretaries, and health assistants, you MUST check the Sub Needed
    6. Your supervisor will automatically get notified of your absence.  If you would like to notify someone else (partner teacher, etc.) click Select Employee to select that person from a list.
    7. When you are finished with the details, click Save
    8. For teachers, paras, secretaries, and health assistants: after clicking Save you will be directed to Aesop where you will re-enter some of your absence information.  You should have received an email on how to log into Aesop.  This information will trigger a job opening for substitutes to fill the position.